We want to be an example

We want to be an example of a company that creates value from research.

We want to be up-to-date and in step with the times, always ready and flexible for every challenge and for every company.

We want to grow in technical and specialist skills by enhancing the result of activity and research to create long-lasting business.

We want to develop creativity to build and nurture a favorable organizational context (culture, structures, processes, …) to bring out new, useful ideas.

We want to be recognized as a reference company for the quality of services, for research and innovation aimed at the continuous development of companies and the territory.

From beyond 30 years

At the beginning we were "Applied Chemistry Analysis and Research"

An example of how it is possible to work with passion by combining respect for people, of how we can strive for profit without neglecting the environment and safety at work, of how we can cooperate with partners and competitors, in mutual respect and for a common goal, of how cultural and professional training is the basis for the growth of the company, of how the test and testing sector must be at the forefront with new tools and new methods, of how innovation is realized through research applied research, of how applied research is the lifeblood for the future business, of how to transform research results into products and technologies.