Today the term SUSTAINABILITY often finds abused and incorrect declinations. Sustainability must be known and not just told. It must be understood and not just “sold”. Sustainability can be scientifically measured. This is ARCHA’s commitment: to offer technical and scientific tools to measure, monitor and manage sustainability.

ARCHA has been operating in the Quality, Environment, Safety and Sustainability fields for over 30 years through consultancy services and technical assistance, development of R&D projects in the field of circular economy and implementation of green solutions in various production areas.

We have always supported our customers with concrete and scientifically valid tools not only to communicate sustainability but to achieve and demonstrate it!

Here are the latest news on the sustainability of PRODUCT and PROCESS put in place by ARCHA.


The product that offers certain guarantees of sustainability is recognizable by the market because it owns the Brands “Biodegradable Leather”: the Green Label brand to certify the biodegradability of leather or leather in the condition of industrial composting, the Blue Label brand to certify biodegradability in wastewater.

Two protocols developed by ARCHA, validated by the University of Pisa and verified by a certification body.


Bags, shoes or clothing entirely biodegradable in compost: i VIRTY is the brand that certifies the sustainability of a finished product in every component. An opportunity addressed to the fashion industry: the new brand allows to communicate to the market and the buyer the environmental “virtuosity” of the product.

A single brand to ensure the biodegradability and compostability of a finished product, to indicate that all its components and materials – including packaging – can be treated in such a way as not to cause harm to the environment once the life cycle of the article has been completed.


Would you like to know the impact of your process or product?

LCA, an acronym for Life Cycle Assessment (Life Cycle Assessment), is the best tool used to analyze the potential environmental impacts of any process, product, system or service throughout its life.

Thanks to ARCHA’s decades of experience in LCA analysis and studies in multiple industrial sectors, we can support companies in the assessment of the sustainability of the Product and its Production Process in order to quantify the environmental impact indicators, including the carbon footprint related to greenhouse gas emissions.

Begin to approach SUSTAINABILITY in a PROACTIVE way


• Late adaptation to regulations that have come into force

• Respond to market demands

• Evaluate your own sustainability performance without setting clear goals

• Anticipate the new outgoing regulations

•Strategic planning

• Plan preventive and continuous improvement actions with a view to sustainability

Biodegradability and compostability expertises

The market, and the environment, requires more and more eco-sustainable products and these also include plastic packaging which, however, is biodegradable. It does not mean that they can be freely dispersed in the environment, but that they can follow a virtuous path of treatment and recovery.

The ARCHA laboratory is recognized by TÜV AUSTRIA for all the analyzes foreseen in terms of biodegradability and compostability on bioplastics according to the UNI EN 13432 standard: we are in fact recognized for all 5 analytical schemes foreseen by the institution (in addition to the Seedling recognition). A field of analysis that we have extended, among others (packaging, paper, cardboard, dyes, additives, etc.), also to leather.

ARCHA is recognized for all 5 schemes recognized by TUV AUSTRIA for conducting tests on plastic materials for the purpose of affixing the OK Compost Industrial, OK Biodegradable Soil, OK Compost Home, OK Biodegradable Marine and OK Biodegradable WATER marks