We help companies a to grow up

Not just a laboratory and not a laboratory like others

Cataloging ARCHA as an analysis laboratory is an understatement. ARCHA is also more in that it is able to offer a 360 ° service for the assistance and growth of companies.

  • Chemical, biological and physical analyzes
  • Research and development
  • Management Software
  • Assistance to companies for management systems and respect for the environment and safety
  • Accompaniment of companies in innovation and development
  • Innovative chemicals and technologies
  • Solutions to finance innovation and development
  • Specialized training

We are a group of Society

ARCHA is the acronym for Applied Chemistry Analysis and Research and was founded in 1989 as a third party chemical analysis laboratory. But in over 30 years ARCHA has developed and grown by diversifying its business into other areas and creating interconnected companies with the common goal of providing cutting-edge and specialized services and products.

This is why ARCHA is not just an analysis laboratory:

ARCHA – is the so-called “parent company” which has maintained the original activity of a chemical and biological analysis laboratory (ARCHALab Srl), supporting you with the important research and development activity (ARCHA Srl) a few years after its foundation.

TECHA SRL – company established in 2012 to enhance the results of the research conducted by ARCHA. It produces and markets chemical products, technologies and application software.

ARCHADEMY SRL – Training agency for the provision of specialized training and training courses, opened in 2017.

JONIX SPA – Company founded in 2013 together with a Veneto industrial group for the manufacture and marketing of environmental sanitation devices with Cold Plasma technology (NTP = Non Thermal Plasma) developed in ARCHA Research. Jonix is ​​a company listed on AIM Italia, the Italian Stock Exchange market dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth potential.

TANNOW SRL – Company born to enhance the result of important research in the tanning sector. Tannow produces and markets eco-sustainable tanning and retanning products, that is metal free and obtained from Olearia Vegetation Waters. A demonstration of how an opportunity can arise from an environmental problem.