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Research recognized by the Ministry of Education

The Research Area is recognized by the Ministry of Education (Ministry of University and Research) as " highly qualified laboratory " and is included in the special register of the Research Laboratories of Ministry of Education.

Coordinates and conducts applied research projects commissioned by institutions or by small, medium or large companies with the aim of providing integrated solutions that take into consideration the technical problems and management in their complexity including:

- Optimization of production processes
- Identification of critical points in product quality
- Search for new recovery systems and resource management and reuse of waste products
- Investigations for the detection of defects in raw materials and finished products
- Investigations on the possibility of recovery of contaminated soil
- Optimization of the purification processes of wastewater and emissions

Search an increasingly multifaceted

Research of Archa has managed in almost 10 years of more than 100 research projects, with the cooperation of organizations and companies each time different.
As well as of external orders , the search area is a continuous activity of technological innovation and pre-competitive development, by providing ARCHA same results from industrialize and market through its industry Industrialization.
The division of the thematic areas of research ARCHA demonstrates the wide scope of studies and innovative solutions.

Numbers of Research

  • Over 400 square meters of laboratories and areas for pilot plants
  • More than 100 research projects managed in 10 years
  • Over 15 application areas involved
  • N. 6 patents
  • More than 35 scientific publications
  • More than 30 participations in conferences