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Innovative projects of Research and Development

What we did (and as we did) and what we are doing

ARCHA is today a reference point for companies that want to innovate, and it is a qualified partner for all the delicate phases of design, research, development, start-up and industrialization of innovative projects.

To describe the method of approach that ARCHA follows, and that has enabled the creation of numerous innovative projects in various fields, it has been developed a Flow Sheet which, schematically and "technology", shows the various stages of the process adopted by ARCHA, or rather the people who compose it, to deal with various problems, from the most simple to the most complex.

In this section you can view some of the many research projects (completed or still in progress) where ARCHA have committed their energies and resources. The purpose is to "invite reflection" the reader, so that you can take those ideas of interest to start, or continue, the innovation process that is the basis of the future of any business.

Here are the projects which can be considered the detailed file. For more details and information, ask to archainf@archa.it

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