Industrialisation Sector


Manage the production and marketing of chemical products

TECHA Srl (Technologies of applied chemistry) is a start-up of ARCHA's Group, addressed to the production and marketing of chemical products and technologies in the field of applied chemistry.
TECHA based in Pisa, where it can count on the organizational structure and technique of ARCHA.

Elements of innovation

TECHA is now the last link in the flow-sheet of ARCHA as it enhances the search results of the technical sector through industrialization, production (in person or by subcontractors) and the marketing of chemicals, water treatment systems, systems.
Each product marketed by TECHA, being the result of applied research, is in itself innovative.

Products and Technologies

- Products for the treatment of fabrics and leather
- Chemical products for specific applications in the tanning
- Innovative systems of measurement and analysis
- Water treatment plants and air with new technologies