Industrialisation Sector


A new company for the technology NTP

JONIX Srl is a company of ARCHA's Group, formed to industrialize the technology NTP (Non Thermal Plasma).
Jonix has offices in Bologna, Pisa and Padua and designs and develops new systems for generating ionized air based on technology developed in the project NTP TANIA.
Jonix can count on the expertise and experience in the fields of environment and security, air conditioning, sanitation, refrigeration, also combining professionalism ranging from chemistry and biology to physics, electronics and automation.

Elements of Innovation

We can count multiple applications of  NTP in different industrial sectors, for the sanitation and the treatment chemical and microbiological contamination of air, water and surfaces.
There are also numerous applications in the field of wastewater treatment and gaseous.

Products and Technologies

Sanitizing of surfaces and environments
Sanitation equipment and systems
Treatment of waste water (COD and BOD removal)
Treatment of swimming pool waters
Treatment of drinking water
Treatment of industrial gases (VOC reduction)
Reduction of odor emissions