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New products and technologies to industrialise for their business

Not only research ...

ARCHA not only conducts research commissioned by companies and / or entities but it invests each year more than 5% of turnover for the development of new products and technologies and know-how to industrialise for their business.
The area provides industrialization to the development and the subsequent final presentation on the market through other group companies.
The same service is also offered to companies wishing to leverage its know-how and the results of research and development with the aim of pursuing continuous innovation to more consolidation in the market.

The numbers of the industrialization

N. 12 Chemicals innovative:

• for the treatment of fabrics, leather and paper
• to give higher performance in skins and leather
• for cleaning up oil
• for the recovery of vegetable oils

N. 2 Technologies for the recovery of sludge and industrial wastes

N. 9 Innovative technologies:

• for sanitizing environments and surfaces
• for sanitizing equipment
• for the treatment of waste water ( COD and BOD removal )
• for the treatment of swimming pool waters
• for the treatment of water intended for human consumption
• for the treatment of industrial gases ( VOC reduction )
• abatement of odor emissions