ICT Sector

ARCHA and computer technology

Design and development software for the management of technical problems

In an era where information technology has changed the way people work and live, even ARCHA could not overlook the potential of Information and Communication Technology, working in this field since its foundation.

The ICT area designs, develops and markets software applications specialist, answering customer questions with modern instruments for the process control, management and archiving of data concerning the environment and safety, the management of laboratories of analysis and service.

ARCHA's software  are characterized by three points common: they are easy, flexible and productive. They can then be easily used even by those customers inexperienced in the field of computer science.
The ICT area also takes care for processing the data with multivariate statistical methods by designing the experimental tests (design of experiments -DOE-) and then taking as much information from the data set of results.

The numbers of the ICT

More than 10 software applications specialist:

• management workshops
• Waste management
• process control in the food , waste , pharmaceutical

More than 200 DOE designed
More than 200,000 records processed