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1500 square meters available to the client to offer innovative services

In addition to the fundamental Human resources, ARCHA owns logistics resources that allow us to offer advanced services, providing customers equipped spaces to suit every need.

Classroom courses

The room is used for training and refresher courses, and for meetings with external customers. Extremely bright and equipped with every comfort. 

Capacity: 40/50 persons

The Library

The library, with its numerous books and scientific articles, is often used as a meeting room, both for internal staff, both for meetings with external customers.

Capacity: 15/20 persons

Meeting Room

The Meeting room is used to host meetings, conferences and events for a limited number of participants.

Capacity: 6/8 persons

The Lab

The analysis laboratory occupies the entire first floor of the office with over 700 square meters divided into rooms used for specific instrumental tests.

Pilot Test Centre (CPP)

A new building, inaugurated in February 2014, is dedicated to the activity of Industrialization, which hosts experimental facilities for the study of the scale up of the technology.