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Certifications, ensuring an effective and efficient business management, are now essential, especially in the service sector. The credentials that ARCHA offers its customers are the most important awards in the field of Quality, Environment and Safety.

This is evidenced by the Certificate of Excellence, recognized by Certiquality to ARCHA in 2012 for having achieved the three ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and attesting ARCHA attention to customer satisfaction, to the preservation of the Environment and the Safety and Health on workplaces.

To ensure the quality of the analytical data ARCHA is accredited by ACCREDIA, while the search area boasts the recognition of the Ministry of University and Research as " Highly Qualified Research Laboratory ".

Paying attention to the social aspects of management, ARCHA also acquired SA8000 certification, which guarantees the ethical conduct of the company.

SA8000 Policy

Push here to read the SA8000 policy adopted by ARCHA .

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Push here to read the Quality, Environment and Safety Policy adopted by Archa.

1997 : Recognition of the Ministry of Education

Research Laboratory recognized as " Highly Qualified " under the L.17 02/82 46 (DM 01/03/97)

Quality System Certification

N.2421 Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001

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2002 : Ministry of Health

Authorization of the Ministry of Health to perform the analysis of self-control of food.


Accreditation n.522 under the UNI - CEI EN ISO IEC 17025

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2004: Environment System Certification

Certification n.7576 of environmental management system  according to UNI EN ISO 14001

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2006: Tuscany Region

Accreditation by the Tuscany Region as a Training Agency n.PI0054

2012: System Security Certification

System Certification of Safety Management n.17975 according to OHSAS 18001

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2012: Certificate of Excellence by Certiquality

Certification of Excellence, SILVER, released by Certiquality a result of certification of integrated Quality, Environment and Safety.

2014: Work Ethics SA8000 Certification

ARCHA got in 2014 the SA8000 certification, which attests the company's work ethic.

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