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    The operating room of the future
The three Archa's sector
Technical Sector
The TECHNICAL sector includes the Laboratory , Research, Consultancy , Training and Start Up Assistance .
A vast area , to offer customers support in many fields . The spearhead is the laboratory , where chemical, physical and microbiological analyzes are carried out, with the appropriate accreditation.
ICT Sector
The ICT Sector designs, develops and markets software specialist applications , answering customer questions with modern instruments for the process control , management and archiving of data concerning the environment and safety , the management of laboratories and activities of service.
Industrialisation Sector
The INDUSTRIALISATION sector  will implement the development of new final products and their subsequent listing on the market , including through other group companies .  ARCHA invests each year more than 5% of turnover for the development of new products and technologies and know-how to industrialise for their business.
Our R&S project
Many and varied , both thematically and for partnership , are to be projects of Research Development and Innovation on which Archa has worked and is working , both in Italy and in Europe .
Below are highlighted some of the projects of R & S . The full list can be seen in the section Portfolio / Case Studies .

Since 1989, a growing reality

The headquarters and main laboratories are in Pisa ( Italy ) , in the industrial area on the western outskirts of the city.
ARCHA is located just 4.8 km from Galileo Galilei of Pisa , and just 5.0 kilometers from the train station.
The area is also easily accessible by car or taxi as it is located at the exit of SGC Florence - Pisa - Livorno.