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Development of a platform for the management of inter-laboratory circuits in the field of tests on leather, leather and environmental matrices

In recent years, consumers have developed greater sensitivity both to product quality and to environmental protection issues. This determined an intensification of the analytical activities and therefore the start-up of dedicated analysis laboratories. These organizations, in order to demonstrate the reliability and validation of the measures, require specific certifications and accreditations (Comité Europeen de Normalization and UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025) which require participation in PT (Proficiency Test - interlaboratory circuits). The goals of EFFICIENT PT project were the following:
• Creation of a Web platform for the organization and management of inter-laboratory circuits (Proficiency Test, PT) in compliance with the ISO / IEC 17043 standard, specialized in tests on environmental matrices (atmospheric emissions) and on leather and leather.
• Accredited inter-laboratory circuit organization through the creation of a test bench to carry out mass flow measurements with adequate repeatability, since the PT circuit for the emissions must be carried out exclusively "on field".
• Accredited inter-laboratory circuit organization with the preparation of leather reference materials to be sent to the participants in the circuit.
The partnership of EFFICIENT PT is composed by the coordinator NUBESS, consulting company specialized in management software solution implementations for marketing, commercial and production activities, Laboratori ARCHA laboratory of chemical and biological analyses and applied research, accredited to ACCREDIA, DOLMEN an important tannery company of S. Croce sull’Arno district specialized in the production of bovine and reptile leather for shoes wear, garments and furniture.


To provide nationally and internationally a necessary tool for all companies involved in analysis and testing (in particular on leather and atmospheric emissions) that does not exist today.


During the project the web platform was developed by NUBESS open to potential customers, who, after being logged in, they can select the proper interlaboratory circuits in order to participate to them.
The platform enable the users to subscribe and participate to the interlaboratory circuits. Customers can find in the platform instructions and references for carrying out the circuits according to ISO/IEC 17043. The platform allows also inserting the results of the analyses carried out during the circuits, which are quickly elaborated and processed according to statistical methods defined by the reference standards.
Each customer can accede in a reserved area to visualize the final documents produced after the circuit related to the communications between the user and the company organizing the circuit.
In relation to the development of the standardized method for determining air mass flow rate, ARCHA has developed a specific tubular equipment (12 meter long and 40 cm diameter) equipped with a tunable blower able to produce air flows in the range 2-30 m/s, and with 2 measurement stations. ARCHA with this equipment is able to organize specific circuits according to ISO/IEC 17043, whose accreditation is ongoing.
DOLMEN has developed, for the first time on National Level, a specific circuit for physical tests on leather. Typically, leather samples are supplied to the circuit participants who will carry out the interlaboratory tests according to ISO/IEC 17043. The accreditation of the circuits on leather samples is ongoing.