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Enhancement of oily sludge for the production of additives for reclamation marine and biomass for energy purposes

The primary objective of MARƎ project is the enhancement of sludge oily based on hydrocarbons, for the production of additives for cleaning up in the marine environment and of biomass for energy purposes, by means of specific biotechnological processes.
To date, these sludge or oily sludge are obtained as by-products from the refining of waste water rich in hydrocarbons as coming from the recovery of oil spills, after it has been treated to obtain fuel oil.

The sludge currently constitute a waste to be disposed and, therefore, a cost. The present project aims to develop a multistage process of treatment for the production of an innovative product to be used in the reclamation of oil spills in the marine environment. Such a product, obtained by oxidation of fatty acids, will be capable of gelling, oil spills to facilitate and maximize its recovery. 

To this end, as is symbolized by the acronym MARƎ with Ǝ count, the proposed solution is represented by a closed cycle, from the sea to the sea.


Concatenate treatment processes and synthesis in such a way as to realize a complete cycle " from the sea to the sea " and therefore more environmentally friendly.


  • New gelling product
  • New technology for bioremediation
  • Development of installations for the growing and harvesting of microalgae
  • Development of transformation systems of fatty acids in the gelling agent

Visit the official site of the project www.mar3.eu