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Informatization WAste System Treatment for Energy

A waste & wastewater treatment plant is composed by several process operations, such as sorting, transportation, sizing stabilization and depuration, occurring often in different periods. All these operations are carried out following compartment logics, like “islands”. The goal of iWASTE is to innovate this type of process management to transform it into a smarter process, by using Internet of Things technologies, bringing in contact all islands, in view of improving the efficiency of all working phases, planning the occurring of the activities and optimizing the energy consumptions. All of this is possible due to IoT, which allows a full and complete sharing of all information and data generated by each process, processed and elaborated by specific algorithms on a web-based platform developed in iWASTE. Such platform will act as collector for the management of administrative and managerial activities as well as for the real-time visualization of treatment process performances, allowing the user to monitor the energy consumption associated to specific waste & wastewater treatment processes, with a strong interaction between the physical world of operations and the managerial processes.
The partnership of iWASTE is composed by the coordinator WASTE RECYCLING, leader in the waste management, ALLEANTIA expert in IoT technologies, the software house SINERGEST and the Department of energy engineering, systems, territory and buildings (DESTEC) of University of Pisa, supported by the subcontractor Laboratori ARCHA for big data analysis.


Transforming an "island" production system into a "Smart" system using the most modern information technologies (IoT: Internet of Things) for the development and planning of new and more efficient workflows and logics that reduce consumption primary energy, through the measurement and sharing of information related to the various processes in progress. 


The results of the iWASTE project are exploited for the production of a unified managerial platform, collecting and elaborating information and data deriving from several sensors and from PLCs, which are correlated with the production activities in view of the efficiency improvement of managerial, technical and energetic processes, allowing:
• the communication and the integration of the different management software, already available in WASTE RECYCLING;
• the collection of performance data deriving from the different apparatuses (pumps, inverters, PLC, transformers) and from the process plants treating different types of waste & wastewater by means of specific sensors: in other words introducing IoT in the business reality;
• the real-time elaboration of sensor data by means of specific algorithms bringing an overview of the functionality of the company in terms of energetic consumption.


  • Industrial waste management company
  • ICT Company
  • Sensory company
  • UNIPI Dip Energetica