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When Innovation Make Shoes

WIN-shoes developed a prototype design platform that integrates different "functional modules" each of which fulfills a specific task in what we might call "the new product development process of the shoe".

The idea behind the WIN-Shoes is in fact to radically innovate the way people work in the footwear industry, traditional crafts, making a leap forward in the world of ICT and high tech technologies.

The project has led to the completion of an effective technology transfer from more advanced sectors, customizing solutions technological and existing needs of the sector and introducing innovative elements in approach and methodologies.


Use of advanced information technology, modeling and processing, a sector still tied to the handicraft production.


Development of a platform for the modeling of forms and their rapid prototyping through 3D printers.

The official website of the project: http://win-shoes.net/


  • ARCHA Srl
  • n. 3 footwear companies
  • n. 2 OR