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Innovative techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of biodeteriogens in artistic and archaeological heritage

TDT - BioArt has studied new methods of diagnosis and intervention to be applied to the field of cultural heritage, with the two main prerogatives required in this sector: non-invasiveness/aggressiveness and at  the same time the effectiveness of treatment.


  • Development of innovative techniques for diagnosis and treatment of biodeteriogens media type frescoes and stone materials.
  • Protocols unit of intervention, to guide the industry in the application of new technologies in the diagnostics and restoration of works of art.
  • Construction of new instruments and devices structured specifically for applications in the field of art history.


Development of new techniques for diagnosis and subsequent treatment of works of art and monuments .

Presented at the Forum " Techonogies for Cultural Heritage " at World Expo Shanghai 2010

The official website of the project: http://tdt-bioart.eu/


  • Laboratori ARCHA Srl
  • Azienda Restauro
  • Azienda apparecchi diagnostici
  • Opificio delle Pietre Dure di Firenze
  • Universit√† di Pisa-Chimica, SCIBEC