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New method for the production of packaging made ​​from PolyHydroxyAlcanoate

The Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) are aliphatic polyesters produced naturally and can find viable applications in thermoplastic polymers. The project oils -PHA proposes to obtain PHA biopolymers, which may be used as a material for advanced packaging, recovering and reusing the waste water from the pressing of the olives (so-called vegetation waters). In addition, a full exploitation of waste materials will be obtained using the biomass in excess (from production biopolymer) for biodiesel or biogas production, for the extraction of chemical products of high added value.


Use of genetically modified Cyanobacteria for the production of PHA.


Finalization of the process of production of PHA from the vegetation water .

Visit the official site of the project www.olipha.eu


  • Laboratories ARCHA Srl
  • n . 7 companies from 6 European countries and 2 countries in South America
  • n . 3 Research Bodies ( Italy , Mexico , Argentina )

    (Project co-funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Community)