The hi-tech operating room: OPERA

A project carried out in close collaboration between the companies (which also include ARCHA) and research institutions, which has led to the installation of the prototype in the area of ​​Careggi hospital in Florence.

Whole the components of the operating room (lamps, cabinets, bed, stool robotic surgeon, medical equipment) communicate by computer each other, exchanging data to interpret and adapt to the particular surgical procedure that takes place in the hall. All the tools, all the individual irons are identified and tracked so that nothing is missing and nothing is lost; as well as people who come into the operating room are identified and controlled the entrances to ensure the highest safety.

Home automation, robotics and computer integrated are placed at the service of patient safety and efficiency of the operating room with a strong reduction of downtime and therefore a reduction in operating costs. The surgeon is, of course, central but is supported by the machines that also offer, in real time, the patient information derived from medical records and providing a link to a classroom where medical students can follow the action.

The center of innovation in the implementation of the operating rooms of the future goes through Tuscany. First of all the institute biorobotics "Istituto Superiore Sant'Anna in Pontedera", responsible for the design, development and integration of robotic systems, which for example carry surgical or that help the surgeon in the operation by controlling the physiological parameters through wireless sensors placed in the clothes to intervene in case of fatigue.